Our too cold tune for the day should definitely thaw you out. It is Shelbert singing "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma". It was one of their first duets, now the rest is history.

I like refer to Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert with a little "hollywood" nickname I made up "Shelbert". This video by Shelbert was when they first met and were asked to perform a duet together at the CMT's Top Duet show in 2005. Recently Blake disclosed during an interview that he was married at the time but it is obvious he is just standing their like a love struck teenage.

Now the Shelbert is a happily married couple still sing duets and both Miranda and Blake have seen their careers explode. Blake with the Voice and his latest record "Bringing Back the Sunshine" not to mention his 5th consecutive win at the CMA's as Male Vocalist of the Year. Miranda's current album Platinum has gone platinum and she has won her share of CMA's as well, plus she is a shoe in to win Feb 8 and the 57th annual Grammy Awards. They will be broadcast live starting at 8p on CBS. Enjoy!


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