Do people ever tell you that you remind them of someone? Sometimes they even go as far as saying you look and act like them. A popular term for this is doppelganger, made famous by the CBS show How I Met Your Mother and Seinfeld. A doppelganger is described as an apparition or double of a living person; a look a like or translated from it's German origin  a doubler goer.

So who do most people believe is my doppelganger? Who do I act like? Who do I resemble? Well by popular opinion it seems my doppelganger is Melissa Mc Carthy. Apparently it is not exactly Melissa as much as the rolls she plays. However, true Melissa fans who know me say that the real Melissa and I have a lot in common as well.

I see it as a compliment. I love her as an actress and I have to assume she is awesome in real life. It is funny how many people see the similarity, even total strangers have drawn the parallel.

Melissa Mc Carthy's new movie SPY in theaters 5-22-15 (This weekend)

The movie everyone mentions

And of course Mike and Molly is where the hammer meets the nail

I can only hope that I am that funny.



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