Where It Started for the Shelbert
Our too cold tune for the day should definitely thaw you out. It is Shelbert singing "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma". It was one of their first duets, now the rest is history.
I like refer to Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert with a little "hollywood" ni…
Family Dance Party after Work, aka The #CowboyTwerk
There's no better way to come home from work than with a dance party! Not only did the video catch my attention, but the hashtag at the end had me laughing out loud. Hopefully the #CowboyTwerk will catch on and everyone will be dancing once they get home from work...
On November 10th, a race car driver named Brian Gillespie was doing 185 miles an hour at a meet in the Mojave Desert near Los Angeles, lost control, and flipped about a DOZEN TIMES.
But he somehow survived with only a collapsed lung