Have you looked back recently at the photos that you have stored on your phone. I did just this past week. I was looking for a photo of my dog Pearl to show someone and as I searched threw the endless amount of photos I realized I take a lot of random pictures.

I didn't realize how many times I take out my phone and photograph something. The weird part is I realized I take really strange pictures. They aren't of people and places I have been, no I have a lot of pictures of things. Random things, it like my phone has become a note pad. Every so often I throw in a picture of my dog or me and my husband but most of the camera roll on my phone is an odd collection of stuff.

Paty's Camera Roll Has the Most Random Stuff

All I have to say is it is a good thing I don't play those "show me the 10th picture" on you phone games, people would think I was crazy. Okay, they maybe right. One thing I have decided is that I will be taking more photos of people and places to offset how many pictures I take of things.

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