Paty Quyn

Melissa Mc Carthy May Be My Doppelganger
Do people ever tell you that you remind them of someone? Sometimes they even go as far as saying you look and act like them. A popular term for this is doppelganger, made famous by the CBS show How I Met Your Mother and Seinfeld. A doppelganger is described as an apparition or double of a living per…
Everything is Coming Up Smiling
Spring is officially here, The Yankees Played today in da Bronx. Bummer that they lost but hey the season has just begun.There are plenty of games left between now and the World Series this fall.
Now that spring has arrived on the calendar and in the sports world it is time for it to arrive weather w…
Back Away from the Basket
Look's yummy right? And if we were only 3 again and could run off all those calories. Sugar highs only happen to children, grown ups just pack on the pounds. So what to do to keep your hands busy this weekend and still be part of the fun?
Time to Unplug
It is too early to stop and smell the roses so why not do something else to get off the grid.
You’re Not A Party Crasher if You Got the Email
What would you do if you received an accidental invitation to a party from someone you don't even know? Would you think about going? And if you did would you travel 2300 miles to get there? And start a Go Fund Me page to pay for it? That is exactly what Seattle resident Joey DiJulio did when he…

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