Can constant gaming lead to neglectful spouses and parents?

The majority of millennials grew up playing a significant amount of video games. We've experienced several moments of a gaming renaissance. When the latest system comes out, you think that it can't possibly get any better than this.

We grew up gaming with almost with almost no repercussions. Now we're adults but how do we turn it off? It's a difficult task. Especially since playing an excessive amount of video games could be labeled as an addiction.

PC Gaming N did a survey in England and found that excessive video gaming was responsible for nearly 10% of the divorces between young people. It's estimated to be much higher in the U.S. because of the larger number of gamers.

According to Nurturing Marriage, there are several ways that a significant other playing an excessive amount of video games can ruin a marriage.

  • It can distort their sense of reality.
  • Gaming distracts them from others.
  • Violent and suspenseful games can cause anxiety.

Gaming while in a relationship is fine but it needs limits.


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