Just a little something for a fairly slow news day.

While this certainly isn't a rare sight for folks in the Hudson Valley, it's always amusing to see how determined bears can be.

Bears will eat just about anything.

This bear was caught on camera Sunday morning near Fallsburg in Sullivan County. Even though the bear weighs a few hundred pounds, he easily hops up and into the trash to pick out something.

Now that we're getting into summer, there will be a lot of people camping. Bears are just about everywhere across New York state, so here's a few safety reminders from US Parks.com

  • Never cook or store food in or near your tent.
  • Hang food and other items with strong odors (ie, toothpaste, bug repellent, soap, etc.) out of reach of bears. Hang items at least 10 ft above the ground and. If no trees are available, store your food in airtight or bear-proof containers.
  • Change your clothing before you go to sleep; don't wear what you cooked in to go to bed and be sure to store smelly clothing along with your food/smelly items.
  • Keep the area clean. Be sure to wash dishes, dispose of garbage, and wipe down tables.
  • Burn garbage completely in a hot fire and pack trash out - don't bury it.

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