I am enjoying watching The Voice this week. There are so many great performances. It is really hard to pick a favorite performance but easy to pick my favorite song. I have always loved the song that Corey Kent White sang this week "To Make you fell My Love". He really took on a challenge when you realize where the song came from and how many artist have covered it. Everyone from Adele to Garth Brooks plus Bob Dylan, Trisha Yearwood, & Billy Joel just to name a few.

I first heard the song in the 1998 film "Hope Floats" which features the Garth Brooks version and a version by his now wife Trish Yearwood. However when he sang it live on the ACM's in 1999 is first wife was in the audience with a standing ovation.

"To Make You Fell My Love" was written by Bob Dylan and was released on his 1997 album "Time Out Of Mind". However is was first recorded and released commercially by Billy Joel the same years as Dylan's version.

So you decide if they all sang it well and who might have sung it best. Cory's, Adele's and Garth's versions are all below. And if you haven't seen Hope Floats with Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr., order it on NetFlixs it is worth the watch.

Corey Kent White on The Voice

Garth Brooks from the 1999 ACM's. His version also received a Nomination at 41st Grammy's for Best Male Country Vocal Performance and Bob Dylan received the nomination for Best Country Song

Adele live on Letterman - She maybe my favorite version


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