Just call me "Sheldon" but instead of Fun with Flags we are going to start a series called Fun with Food. Today's installment is courtesy of Popsugar Foods and Eat the Trend. It is Easter weekend so the Food item will be Deviled Eggs. Can you say yum and cute!

The video below demonstrates an adorable way to present your eggs, however you might want to consult your nearest Grandma for a better deviled egg recipe. I find that the more you add into the yolk the more exciting the egg. The recipe included with the video is basic so feel free to jazz it up. Add olives or pickles or chives and you absolutely have to sprinkle paprika on them somewhere.

I have been a deviled egg fan most of my life. My Mom was the person who added pickles and she always used Helman's Mayo. My Aunt Doris won't give out her recipe but she admits that "love" is the most important ingredient. Whenever deviled eggs are on the buffet I am usually the first to dig in and when there is more than one type to choose from my cholesterol level is due to go up.

Check out the "Deviled Egg Hatching Chicks"

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