Do you get a lot of magazines or catalogs? I do. Most are just sent to the house because I am on a list somewhere. But some I actually want to read. Like the magazine subscription I was given for Town and Country for my birthday. This is a magazine my Mom always read. I grew up with it hanging around the house. It was my dream book and it has great horoscopes.

Now I am the grown up and I find that I never, ever just sit down and read a magazine. I carry my Town and Country around thinking when I get a minute I'll crack open the latest issue. I take it to appointments where I think I will have to wait for a while. I take to places where I know I will have down time. But it never seems that I actually get to reading it. I am now 3 issues behind.

I have decided that I must put down the cell phone, shut off the world and find 10 minutes a day to read my mags. Even if it is in place of a book at night before bed. I must read my mags. After all Town and Country isn't the only magazine I want to catch up on, Cowboys and Indians and numerous Sundance Catalogs are stacked up waiting for my attention. Maybe I just need a warm sunny day and a lawn chair, but who can wait until we thaw out. Tonight I will read December.

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