I am not going to say that I am the reason that we have had 2 winter storms in 2 weeks but I am feeling like my enthusiasm to garden may have upset the "nature" of things in the Hudson Valley. What happened was about three weeks back I stopped at Lowes for something I can't remember because I end up buying lily bulbs instead. I got so excited thinking these cool purple lilies would look so good in the garden I walked out without the other item. Anyway the bag of bulbs is still on the porch due to the drastic change in our weather. And it looks like it maybe another week or so before they see dirt if we get more snow this week.

But that doesn't mean I have stop thinking about flowers. Basically I have been having flowers on the brain. So then I saw this cool article from Town and Country magazine online I had to share it with you. Find out what your birth flower says about your personality. And spoiler alert I don't think December is a flower. Come on May Flowers!


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