Hostess gifts are a great way to say Thank You to the person who has invited you over for a holiday meal. From cheese knives to hand soap to a decorative candle bringing your holiday hostess a gift will make your entrance to the party a warmer welcome. Town and Country Magazine has offered some so wonderful ideas for simple tasteful gifts which as sure to please.

From the simple to the extravagant you can never go wrong bringing something with you to a party. My Mother was really good at picking out the perfect Thank You gift and my sister seemed to inherit the trait. I on the other hand am always in need of a suggestion. Bringing wine is always nice but it is also nice to bring something that isn't necessarily for the actual event. Try to bring a gift that is more of a leave behind that your host will enjoy after the crowd is long gone. On a personal note the hostess gift upon arrival is always a nice gesture but the Thank You note after the event is just good manners.

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