I love to dine out. I love to go to different restaurants and try new things. What I don't love is when I open the menu and can't pronounce the item I want on the menu. It doesn't matter is you are at the diner or a fine dining restaurant there are popular foods on the menu that we all mispronounce.

Town and country Magazine has done a great job in the Facebook post above by giving us the phonic spelling of some common menu favorite. I now know that I have been mispronouncing Gnocchi, Gyro and Moet Chandon pretty much my entire life.

Homemade Italian Gnocchi with Red Sauce
Getty Images/iStockphoto/ThinkStock

I have to admit I am guilty of pointing at a menu item if I think I am going to say it wrong to the waitstaff. And if I am at a restaurant where the menu has names for food that are traditional to the cuisine of the restaurant I always ask how you would pronounce the dish but it always seems when I repeat it I butch the words.


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