This is not a blog about gun laws! Let me repeat myself, I am not starting a conversation about any gun laws. What I am talking about is how the most unsuspecting sports can take on a new image and become big business. Yes shooting is a sport. As a matter of fact, hunting live pheasant was an Olympic event, once, in 1900. Fun fact, shooting sports are categorized by type of fire arm, target and distance to the target.

So why has shooting as a sport caught my attention? This morning on CBS there was a story about how shooting ranges are turning into high end clubs. Whether you are in Virginia, Texas or Miami your average gun club is now courting a different clientele. Some clubs are now referred to as "Guntry Clubs" because they offer so many amenities. Imagine going to your average shoot range and finding a high end boutique and a fine dining restaurant.

According to the CBS report this is all about catering to a new gun owner in America. In the last decade the number of women who own guns has doubled and the younger gun owner is looking for more of an experience.

I have to admit I always want to go to a shooting range and learn to shoot a pistol. I never knew it could be such a high end affair. I was fortunate enough to have a dear friend teach me how to use a shot gun on his back forty. I will never forget that afternoon it was so much fun. I just hope with this new high end trend to gun ownership we don't forget the basics. A shot gun, a tin can and a good friend with lots of gun knowledge and safety.


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