Some people stop to smell the roses, I on the other hand like to stop and look for shells. One of these days I will actually live on a beach and get to do this every day but for now I will just have to appreciate the few times a year I get to the shore. Picking up shells and wandering the beach gives me time to reflect and rejuvenate. And this time of year you can't put a price on chilling out for a day or two.

The phase stop and smell the roses basically translates to take time out and chill. There are so many ways to just get off our routine and do something that let's us unplug. Leave the phone somewhere that you can hear it ring. Tell the world you'll BRB and take some well earned time for yourself. We just don't do it enough. All to often we wait until we just can't take the pressure any more and let's face it this winter has driven us all to the brink.

So after this long stupid winter whose weather doesn't seem to want to leave town, we all owe ourselves a trip off the grid. Over the next week or two, stop and smell the roses or pick up shells or whatever it is that let's your brain reset. Spring weather is coming and you want to be clear headed so you can enjoy every warm wonderful minute.

If all else fails enjoy A Minion Moment

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