If you are like me this weekend you will be looking for something that can keep your hands out of the Easter Baskets and away from all the candy. Easter is a dangerous holiday for those of us who eat jelly beans by the handful. Or who can peel the foil of a Cadbury Creme Egg faster than the time it take to reach for it in some poor child's Easter Basket.

Luck for you and me I have come up with the perfect activity to keep our hands busy and it looks like, for us amateurs, it could also eat up lots of time. Why not try your hand at making an origami Easter egg. This isn't a simple as folding the napkins for Easter dinner but it looks like the folding part is pretty easy. The assembly could be the tricky part.

So let's all grab up a handful of colored paper instead of a handful of Jell Belly's and sit ourselves down for an afternoon of arts n crafts. I am thinking this activity is perfect for Saturday that way on Sunday with the calories I saved I can double up on the Deviled Eggs. Saving calories were I can and having fun while I'm doing it ..... Not!

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