If you're looking for a fun, family friendly, disgusting game, Beanboozled is for you!

The Jelly Belly game Beanboozled is apparently taking over the world and I had no idea. Probably because I'm over the age of 10, but still. Our Live Events Manager Anthony dropped by the studio today with a box of Jelly Belly jellybeans and asked if we wanted to play. CJ has already played before (go figure) so I took one for the team along with Jill who works in our advertising department.

The premise of the game is to pick a jellybean out of the box and eat it. Simple. However, the jellybean could be one of two flavors. It could be a normal flavor like Peach OR it could taste like throw up. You're really taking a gamble here. Check out how our first round of Beanboozled went:

And of course, we had to have some fun with our co-workers and I was just genuinely curious how some of these nasty flavors tasted.




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