I am so excited to be the newest member of "The Wolf Pack." (Note to self: check that term with the boss).

The first day at any job is always full of things that are new. New can be .... well NEW!!! So, the best way to balance the "newness" is bring with you something that is a creature comfort. Linus had a blanket, for me it is my coffee mug. I never leave home without my mug. No, seriously--I travel everywhere with a mug.

People have made fun of the mug, little do they know how cool it is to have "a mug." It means I always have hot coffee the way I like it. No worries about too much or worse not enough coffee in a cup because I have my mug. Yes, I like coffee.

Over the years I have met people who have a favorite pen, a sweater they have to have on the back of their chair, but more often than not it is about "The Mug."

Day One Done - Thanks for listening and thanks for the warm welcome.

The Mug
The Mug

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