There are certain times of the year when I crave very specific items, seasonal items if you will. No, I am not talking about the not so elusive Pumpkin Spice Latte. In this particular instance, I am talking about one of the winter unicorns in premium hot craft beverages.

What is this item? It's an Eggnog Latte. When looking for places that make this beverage, I was looking for places in Ulster County NY and for non-alcoholic versions. Not a fan of regular eggnog (the one purchased at the grocery store) then ask if they have the soy or the almond milk version.

So where in Ulster County NY can you get an Eggnog Latte?

Photo by Fahmi Fakhrudin on Unsplash
Photo by Fahmi Fakhrudin on Unsplash

There are a few places in Kingston NY that completely embrace this December hot beverage. Where are they? 

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Monkey Joe Roasting Company, 478 Broadway, Kingston NY.

  • I have had their version several times. It is not 'full on in your face nog' it is pleasant with a nice touch of nutmeg. If you go in there to get one, tell them Brandi said hi and that I will be in there to get another one soon.

Rough Draft Bar & Books, 82 John St, Kingston NY

  • With the name that has the word bar in it, think that this place can't possibly have great coffee? Just step into this place for the fresh brewed aromas of great coffee. In addition to great coffee, eggnog lattes (seasonally), books and craft brews this place has charming atmosphere for days.

Is there a place on the Rondout in Kingston NY to get an eggnog latte?

Photo by Rob Sarmiento on Unsplash
Photo by Rob Sarmiento on Unsplash

I saved this place for last not for any other reason than at this place you can get coffee, lattes and freshly made donuts! Yes, the donuts! Yum.

Half Moon Rondout Cafe Coffee and Donuts, 36 Broadway, Kingston NY

  • When you need an eggnog latte and a fresh donut (or 10) for a walk along the Rondout, then try their version of seasonal eggnog latte. Seriously, make sure to get a donut along with your beverage.

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