This year as in year's past, The Village of Saugerties has dedicated it's streets to local artists while paying tribute to thing that town has been known for such as light houses, horses and this year butterflies. Fluttering Around Saugerties is this year's around town art installation on the streets.

Sadly, The Saugerties Chamber of Commerce had to report that one of the butterflies was damaged. But the good news is they have apparently found the person who did the damage. In a press release dated today (August 20, 2020) The Saugerties Police Department reported that they responded to a call for an intoxicated disorderly person on Partion Street in the Village of Saugerties at around 1:57 AM on August 17, 2020.

According to the release, upon arrival the officers identified the person as 43-year-old Vincent DeBellis. Allegedly, DeBellis was witnessed tearing the wings off of the "Spirit of Woodstock" butterfly, which is part of the Fluttering Around Saugerties exhibit. Mr. DeBellis was taken into custody at that time.

The Saugerties Chamber of Commerce is hoping that the artist Mark Smith with help from fellow artist Gus Pedersen will be able to repair the piece. They are also asking that if you see anyone attempting to damage the Butterflies around town that you please contact the Saugerties Police Department.

To find out more about Fluttering Around Saugerties and how you can be part of an online auction to own one of the butterflies for your collection contact the Saugerties Chamber of Commerce or check in on their Facebook page.

The video below is from the Saugerties Chamber of Commerce Facebook page and contain various artists talking about their Butterfly

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