Having more time at home these days has resulted in me spending more time in the kitchen. Suddenly I have found myself feeling creative when it comes to food. You may recall a few weeks back I shared my lasagna recipe which is weird because I don't think of myself as someone who has recipes.

Lately, I have discovered I actually do have recipes but not in the traditional sense of the word. There is no box with hand-scribbled notes on cards describing how I make something. I guess you would say that the recipe box lives in my head. When someone asks me how I make something my first response is "I don't know I just do what my Mom taught me." Truth be told I did learn the basics from my Mom and my grandma (the queen of the crockpot) but most of what I cook is me just doing it and trusting the ingredients.

A great example is my new fajitas recipe below. Follow along with the pictures and if there is something you want to change up by all means go right ahead. Cooking should be fun and your finished dish should have a little bit of your spin on it that way you get to call it yours.

Paty Quyn's Chicken Fajita Recipe

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