Just when you thought you would never want to see another Turkey dinner served for a least a year I have a turkey dish that is sure to delight. Turkey meatballs are simple to make and they are a great twist on an all time favorite.

The recipe in this video with Martha Stewart ends up with you having a more traditional tasting meatball. Your family might not even be able to tell that they are made from turkey not beef or a meatloaf mix.

My favorite turkey meatballs are more like Thanksgiving dinner in a ball. Next time you want to make meatballs pickup turkey and also add to your list cranberry, traditional stuffing bread cubes, butter and a delicious turkey gravy. You can add dried cherries if you want for an extra kick.

To make the turkey balls that taste like you are revisiting our favorite meal of the year you just substitute the ingredients. Take the ground turkey add eggs, a couple tables spoons of cranberry sauce, crush the bread cubes and add enough to the mixture so that the meat stays moist. If needed feel free to add some cooled melted butter before you mix it all together. Sometimes putting the bread crumbs into the butter then putting both into the mix works just as well. Add dry chopped cherries if you desire, roll, bake and cover in that creamy turkey gravy.

So the next time you are wanting to enjoy the tastes of Thanksgiving and the leftovers are long gone just remember Turkey Meatballs Thanksgiving style is always an easy option.

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