It is hard to imagine going a whole summer without a s'more. They are the ultimate summer dessert. Unfortunately, the Farmer's Almanac has predicted a warm stormy summer so cooking s'more outside all summer could pose a challenge.

After taking an informal poll this week on Facebook I determined not only what part of the s'more is everyone's favorite ingredient but I also realized what a popular summer dessert it is in the Hudson Valley. Before I get to the easy inside recipe you can use on a rainy day let's reveal the results of our poll.

Hudson Valley Poll Results for Favorite Part of a S'more

Just Graham Cracker - 0%

Just Marshmallow - 10 %

Just Chocolate - 20%

All of them (Can't Decide) - 40%

All of the ingredients but not together (Don't like s'mores) - 20%

None of the ingredients and Don't like s'mores - 10%

David De Lossy

So if you aren't among the 10% of our polled audience who doesn't like s'more, how do you cook them if you end up without a campfire. Easy according to In the Kitchen with Matt you put them in the microwave. You can get his recipe by watching the quick video below

I realize that if you are out camping a microwave may not be available but let's face it if you are out camping in the rain you are probably eating the ingredients for your s'more without any melting process at all anyway. This microwave recipe is more for those backyard BBQs and fancy campers that come with all the modern appliances including the flat-screen TV.

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