Flavored water is something we enjoy in the warmer weather. For along time I thought you had to buy it at the store premade for it to taste good. Truth is the stuff from the store tastes no where near as good as what you can make at home with simply a pitcher, some water and some fruit.

It was actually a trip to Arizona where I first was introduced to water flavored with real fruit. If you have ever been to a Hampton Inn it is a staple in the lobby. The first one I sampled was full of apples. I couldn't believe have much flavor the water actually had from just having the apples sitting in it.

I have always known that you could add lemon or lime to water to make it more refreshing but it never occurred to me to venture on to some other more exotic fruits. Now if you look in my frig there is always a pitcher of water with something flavorful floating in it.

All you have to do is slice a fruit or veggie even and drop it in the water the rest just happens on it's on. Leave it to set up for a bit and suddenly you have water that tastes like whatever you dropped in it. My favorites are peaches, cucumbers, apples and sometimes mint. Try whatever you like I bet you never buy flavored water again.

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