On Friday we asked what you were making for Easter Sunday dinner and so many of you said ham, potatoes, pie, carrots and lots of other yummy stuff. You can checkout out the comments on the Wolf Facebook page from Friday. The one thing I found amazing is no one said Deviled Eggs.

I thought everyone made Deviled Eggs also known as Dressed Eggs from the Easter egg you find on Easter morning or was that just at my house. Growing up my mom always made deviled eggs for Easter Sunday dinner and usually a vat of egg salad with the extra. We would hide around 2 dozen eggs each year so we had a lot of hard boiled eggs to eat fast.

So here is my mom's recipe that she got from her mom that has a touch of ingredients from my dad's mom that I have tweaked a bit to make it even tastier.

One dozen eggs hard boiled and peeled. Slice the eggs in half and set the whites aside. Put the yolks in a bowl and add a pinch of salt, a pinch of course pepper, a squirt of spicy mustard, a cup of your favorite mayo, thrown in pickles to taste and then a dusting of curry powder, stir until creamy. Take your egg whites and generously stuff them with the yolk mixture. You may have whites left over but that's okay you can put them in the egg salad. Sprinkle good paprika on top when your done filling the whites and your are ready to serve after you let them chill in the frig for about 30 minutes.

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