Well this one just doesn't make sense to me at all. I would think that National Sangria Day would be in July or August when it is hot, but "No"! It is in December. It is actually this coming Thursday December 20th. So I guess I know what I will be drinking at the company Christmas Party.

If you've never had it, Sangria is a refreshing beverage that lets you sort of mix things up. It always has fruit. There is often a juice. Herbs and spices get added and of course it is made with wine. The secret ingredient in any Sangria is the additional alcohol you add and the carbonation. Usually brandy, sometimes a liqueur or even something stronger. My family had a recipe that included my Grandfather's moonshine.

Whatever your Sangria recipe calls for the secret is to create the perfect balance of favor so the no one ingredient outshines the other. Also remember there are no rules to what you put in your sangria. So this Thursday if you can't find a place serving it because technically it is out of season in the Northeast then feel free to mix up a pitcher of your own. Yes, that's right Sangria is made by the pitcher, it is meant to be shared.

If you do decide to celebrate this national day which no one is sure why it is in December, remember to snap a picture and share it on social media with #NationalSangriaDay. Oh yeah and be sure to play a little Blake Shelton.

Three Sangria Recipes

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