It's always interesting to see big Hollywood shows and films set in Hudson Valley towns.

According to NYUpstate.Com, the new physiological thriller "The Sinner" starring Jessica Biel is supposed to be taking place at Lake Minnewaska State Park. The Sinner airs on Wednesday nights on USA network as an 8 episode close-ended series.

In the show, Jessica Biels character Cora Tannetti attempts to commit suicide by drowning in the lake. Her plans change when she is over come with a fit of rage and murders and innocent lake-goer. The story continues with flashbacks of Tannettis life and what incident in her past may have caused her to snap. Bill Pullman stars as Detective Harry Ambrose who digs into Tannettis life.

The Sinner is getting decent reviews, most of them focusing on how unique the story is that's being told. It's not a story of who-done-it, The Sinner is asking "why?"

I haven't watched the show yet, which premiered on Wednesday August 2, but I can tell you even though the show is set in Minnewaska, the show was not filmed there. Judging by IMDB, filming locations include New York City, Brooklyn, Congers New York and Charleston South Carolina.


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