The oh so delicious sugar cover candy we call the Gumdrop is celebrated with it's own day this week. On February 15, this Thursday, the day after Valentine's Day save room on your sweet tooth because it is National Gumdrop Day. These fruit and spice flavored candies are a popular "go to" for decorating cookies, gingerbread houses and cakes. Made from simple ingredients, sugar, gelatin and flavoring these bite size nibbles are great anytime of year. Gumdrop are believed to have been first created in 1801 by Percy Truesdell.

Colored Gumdrops In Macro
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Buying gumdrops at your favorite candy store is probably the best way to make sure you are stocked up for National Gumdrop Day. However, if you are feeling ambitious it is possible to make your own. The recipe below is simple but you will need a few days for a finished product.

Homemade or store bought be sure to stock up before Thursday.

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