Some of us are lucky enough to have a pet that will play along with our silly human holiday habits. One of the most popular is the pet Halloween costume. My little Pearl says "no" to all costumes, she has even been known to reject a dog sweater given to her for Christmas. Animals in clothes or costume in my house is off the table.

If you are a pet owner whose gets to dress your pet this Halloween in a costume here are some pointers to keep your little fur baby safe. The folks at Care.Com have 9 helpful suggestions that will make the Pet Halloween Costume fun for you and your pet.

Most important never leave you pet unsupervised in a costume. This is the best way to avoid any type of accident that could occur while your pet enjoys our silly human traditions.

For those of you who are very ambitious with costumes take a look at this top 10 costume list from Top 10 Clipz.

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