Once again we are being warned about an ingredient in our food that can be toxic and even lethal to our pets. Yesterday CBS This Morning covered the latest news about an artificial sweetener called Xylitol and how it is responsible for deaths in pets around the country.

All of us at one point have discovered that our dog has gotten into our purse or pocket and eaten something. I can't even count how many times over the years I have discovered gum, candy or even coffee grounds on the floor because I left it in the reach of my dog and they can't help but try some. I even entered my dining room once to find one of my basset hounds on the table eating a coffee cake, he is the same dog who stole a pie of a side table at a holiday party. His nose was as big as his stomach.

The dangerous thing about Xylitol is how many food items contain it. Check your labels and make sure you put away the sugar free gum. For more on foods that are dangerous to pets click here.

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