For many of us hiking is a weekend activity. Walks along Hudson Valley trails can be a great form of exercise and can also be relaxing. Lately, I have notice a lot of people taking their dogs with them on hikes. I have even seen people who take their cats.

While I am sure the animal is loving spend the time with you, it is also important that you take into consideration your pets safety. Weekly, we hear about people who have to be rescued by rangers. Unexpected things can happen out on even the simplest of trails, so it is a good idea to plan ahead for your safety and your pets. Both the American Kennel Club and REI have great tips for pet safety in the woods and on the trail.

This past Saturday the Mohonk preserve shared on their Facebook that they had to rescue a dog from a crevice. There weren't a lot of details as to how the dog ended up in the crevice but fortunately the dog was able to be pulled up to safety by SAR Ranger Frank Tkacpark and seems to be fine. I am so glad that this story ended happily but it is a reminder that we need to be aware of the trail especially if we are with our pets.

It is not just the trail or the conditions that can be dangerous to your pet. Your also need to remember that the Hudson Valley woodlands are filled with many types of wildlife. Poisonous snakes, bob cats, bears, skunks and more are living in and around most hiking areas and all of them can be very hazardous for a curious pets.

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