4th of July celebrations are upon us and while the colorful sights and the big sounds of Independence Day are exciting for some, for others it can bring on extra stress.

If you're a family with pets, keep them in mind when celebrating.

4th of July a Scary Time for Animals and Pets

Yes, the bright lights and loud booms of fireworks are a big draw for Americans on the 4th of July. But unfortunately, those sounds and flashes are a cause for concern for pet owners.

According to Pet Amber Alert the number of lost pets "increases by 30-60% between July 4-6 each year." They go on to explain that the ASPCA shares that "20% of lost pets are scared by loud noises, and up to 50% of pets are afraid of loud noises."


Some data shows that July 5th is one of the busiest days in animal shelters and rescues.

Tips For Keeping Pets Safe this 4th of July

Local animal rescue and recovery organization, Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery, has shared a handful of tips to make sure your dogs are comfortable on the 4th of July, but most importantly safe. 

On the day of the 4th of July, Buddah Dog Rescue suggests walking your dogs earlier in the day and tire them out.  When they get back home, provide your dog or pet with a quiet safe space and try to keep on soothing music or sounds from the television.

They also suggest trying to distract them with their favorite toys or treats like "A kong stuffed with peanut butter or frozen yogurt to keep them busy."

Most importantly, keep your pets at home and indoors. When the sunsets and the fireworks go off, make sure your pets are safely inside. Buddha Dog Rescue explains that fenced-in yards or enclosed porches and decks aren't good enough writing:

Startled frightened dogs are known to jump through screen windows and porches.

Have Your Pets Information Updated

If for some reason your dog or pet gets spooked by the loud 4th of July celebrations, it's best to be prepared.

Buddha Dog Rescue and Recovery suggests making sure your dog is wearing a collar with their ID and contact information. If you haven't yet, make sure your dogs microchip information is up to date.

Should your dog or pet get lost, have updated photos of your pet at the ready. I know most dog owners (myself included) take way too many pictures of our pets so this shouldn't be a difficult task. However, Buddha Dog Rescue suggests full body and face shots of your dog or pet.

Celebrate responsibly. Make it a safe and happy 4th of July weekend for everyone celebrating.

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