I am finally going to cook my own turkey. For years I have managed to attend someone's Thanksgiving who handled the bird. I am usually the guest with the wine, Beaujolais Nouveau of course. Even the years I had Thanksgiving at my house I managed to have someone bring the turkey.

I am confident I can pull this off. I have cooked a chicken before it can't be that much  different. My Aunt Doris from Indiana has prepped me with a few tips. Her turkey is a success every year. She says, it ain't pretty but it tastes good. She cooks her's upside down and low and slow. I have also been told no stuffing inside and that's okay with me because I am not much of a stuffing person anyway so less I will have to make.

I will be taking turkey advice all this week so feel free to check in via Facebook or email to let me know your secrets and No I am not going to deep fry it.

I will happily post my bird experience on Thursday no matter what it turns out to be, tasty or a dried out brickette. Either way I know that the sweet potatoes will be yummy and the company will be great.

Photo by Matt Cardy for Getty Images News
Photo by Matt Cardy for Getty Images News

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