It's that time of year. Families are running around the Hudson Valley looking for the best deals when it comes to their Thanksgiving meals.

Of course their are great deals at our local grocery store chains. Spend a certain amount of money get a free frozen turkey. It's a steal if you ask me. But if you're looking to spend a little money on your holiday meal, may I suggest browsing on Amazon.

Every now and then I look up the  "Hudson Valley" on Amazon and come up with some really great finds, including Hudson Valley themed smut novels.

With that being said, today I came across something even more interesting and useful just in time for the holiday season.

You can purchase raw, fresh Hudson Valley Foie Gras. A pound of foie gras will run you $89 while two pounds comes to $124.


I'm a plain Jane and usually just enjoy your every day turkey, maybe some ham, on Thanksgiving. What I mean is I had to look up what the heck foie gras is.

It's duck liver. Or goose liver. Either way, not my style. But if you'd like to enjoy Hudson Valley foie gras and buy it off of Amazon now is your chance.

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