Nine Hudson Valley towns have been called out for being miserable! Did your town get called out?

The Hudson Valley, New York is home to numerous towns/cities/villages that most of us consider to be great places to live. If you own your home you most likely bought it where you did because you love the location, right? We've talked many times about how some areas of the Hudson Valley are more desirable than others which has led to numerous debates about some towns being better than others.

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Is One Hudson Valley Town Better Than the Other?

Yes, I understand that's a loaded question because there are a bunch of factors that need to be taken into consideration before you can form an honest opinion about whatever town you are talking about. What if we asked you to say the word miserable out loud, what's the first Hudson Valley town you think of?

WAIT!! Before you answer let us be clear, before we expose (LOL) some of the towns that the Hudson Valley suggested (below) that we DO NOT, by any means think any of these towns are miserable because of the people or because of any specific business! The towns that have been suggested to us are courtesy of our fans on social media and have various reasons attached to them as to why they have made the list.

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Most Miserable Towns in the Hudson Valley, New York

The use of the word miserable can vary from one person to another but for this "unscientific" poll we simply asked fans to name a town and tell us why they think miserable when they hear that town's name. Personally, when I say miserable I think of certain sections of Ellenville/Napanoch that just seem miserable to me. It has nothing to do with the folks that live there but there are areas that just seem "beat up" and "dilapidated" and anytime I drive through those areas misery comes to mind.

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Danielle from Kingston told us, "I agree with Ellenville it’s something from a bad horror movie but Kingston isn’t far behind between the road work bike lanes and the high rent is nuts!" Will Kingston make the list of 9 miserable Hudson Valley towns? Here they are in no specific order....

Most Miserable Hudson Valley Towns

Hudson Valley towns that have been voted to be miserable.

Gallery Credit: CJ/Google Maps

Are These the 5 Rudest Hudson Valley Towns?

Five towns that have been nominated as the rudest!

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