A school bus driver in Dutchess County has just been named the 2024 Bus Driver of the Year!

Numerous people have a part in the education of children all across the Hudson Valley. There are teachers, faculty, school administrators, nurses, coaches, and others who are all part of the process of educating our kids.

Dutchess County Bus Driver of the Year

Every one of those jobs is extremely important but there's one profession that sometimes goes underappreciated when it comes to education and that's the school bus driver. I'm well aware that bus drivers don't do the educating but their part is important as they are responsible for bringing kids to and from school each day and without them, some kids might not be able to go to to school.

Dutchess County officials are well aware of how important bus drivers are and to show their appreciation they have just announced the 2024 Dutchess County Bus Driver of the Year.

Sue Serino & Linda Lawlor

2024 Dutchess County Bus Driver of the Year

The Dutchess County Traffic Safety Board’s School Bus Driver of the Year award is handed out each year to one deserving bus driver as the county seeks to promote school bus safety through education and enforcement efforts according to its website.

This year the Traffic Safety Board has awarded Bus Driver of the Year to Linda Lawlor, who's been driving school buses for nearly two decades. Lawlor, who currently drives buses for the Hyde Park Central School District is the 21st person to win the Dutchess County School Bus Driver of the Year Award which recognizes exemplary service and safety record transporting students to and from school.

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Dutchess County Executive Sue Serino presented Lawlor with the award at the Operation Safe Stop kickoff press conference on April 24th saying,

"Children are our most precious passengers, and they deserve a safe ride to and from school each day. We all can learn from Linda Lawlor and her dedication to safe driving, ensuring the students on her bus enjoy safe rides every day of the school year."

Serino also thanked Lawlor for setting a great example saying, "We thank Ms. Lawlor for setting an example for all of us to follow, making children’s safety a priority when we get behind the wheel."

Linda Lawlor

After receiving the award Lawlor thanked all of the other drivers she works with saying,

"I learn every day from both veteran drivers and new drivers. It’s a difficult job and the bus driver shortage is tough on all of us, but our job is to get your children to and from school safely. I know that is my goal every day!"

Congratulations Ms. Lawlor on this well-deserved award and thank you for setting a great example.

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