Newburgh is a city resting along the Hudson River in Orange County, NY.

In its earlier days, Newburgh was home to grist mills and wool mills. It became a prominent spot for manufacturing thanks to its proximity to multiple creeks, providing convenient waterpower. Many of the mills are no longer around, but one mill, the Gomez Mill House, remains intact and is located off of 9W. Aside from mills, Newburgh also had a strong farming scene. While most of the produce gained from farming went to the town and its residents, all excess produce would go to places like New York City and other nearby commercial areas.

Today, Newburgh is home to Stewart International Airport and multiple other industrial parks that have helped transform a once predominantly farm and mill community to a growing hub of commerce and residency. In recent years, many come visit Newburgh's picturesque waterfront overlooking the Hudson River and the valley's rolling mountains, which has also seen an increase in business and residency.

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