It's Friday and the only way Jess and I know how to kick off the weekend is by frolicking right into the weekend.

Every Friday we try to come up with a theme for our weekly frolic and this week with us taking the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess on the road, the theme was an easy one.

Before we frolic away, I wanted to thank the great faculty and all of the students at the Sussex County Technical School in New Jersey for having us invade their space this morning as we kicked off our back to school tour.

As we were doing the show this morning, we had kids that were videoing us and watching us do the broadcast and we figured what better way to get them involved then by asking them to frolic with us.

Take a look....

Those kids were AWESOME! We really had so much fun with them.

Make sure you watch next weeks frolic from another school in the Hudson Valley to see if they can top the kids at Sussex Tech.

Have a great weekend and don't forget, starting Monday morning Jess and I will start giving away tickets for the Wolf's Boo Cruise on Sunday October 28th aboard the River Rose.

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