What makes your school special? What is it about your school that makes you proud to be there? CJ & Jess want to know and they want to tell everyone in the Hudson Valley about you and how cool your school is.

CJ & Jess are going back to school, the question is which school? They will be taking their show on the road on Fridays this fall to visit schools throughout the Hudson Valley. They want to help celebrate the great schools we have here and they could be coming to your school.

Here's all you have to do. We are asking that teachers or administration nominate their school. Tell us what makes your school special, why you would like CJ & Jess to come and visit and what you'd like to highlight while they are there.

Simply complete the form below and your school could be chosen to be featured on The Wolf and have CJ & Jess broadcast from your school this fall.

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