March is for holidays, seasons changing, a little basketball madness and everything green for St Patrick's Day. So much to talk about with only one little blog. So let's narrow it down to one event I enjoy, St Paddy's Day.

March means spring is in the air, the snow will all melt soon and we have seen the end of winter weather. Easter just misses March this year, but no worries Easter candy is already available so grab a Peep and head out to a St Patrick's day parade or celebration.

I love St Patrick's Day. I love the music. I love the food. I am not so much about the beer, I prefer the Irish Whiskey. But the beer does bring the party.  It is said that everyone is Irish on St Paddy's Day, I think everyone can be Irish all month. Being Irish means enjoying all the Irish fare, music, food and have fun doing it. It is not necessary to get yourself drunk for St Paddy's day to have fun, everything in moderation. The food though is a different story. I say eat and eat often.

I am German, Dutch and Irish so corned beef, cabbage and potatoes are staples in my house. The fact that there are so many new delicious ways to enjoy these March food traditions means you must leave room to try it all. My favorite the "Paddy Roll".  A yummy mixture of Irish food favorites rolled up tight and baked or fried. This isn't your Grandma's corned beef and Cabbage. I will be sure to have my share before the 31st.

So that leaves the music and I can't think of a better way to put Irish music in the spotlight then Celtic Women performing Danny Boy. We have a lot of great local Irish bands but these woman stop me in my tracks every time I hear them sing. Seeing them perform at Bethel Woods a few years back still in my top five of "best concerts ever".


Happy March Enjoy!


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