Cabbage is not everyone's favorite but I can't get enough. I love it cooked down with butter in a cast iron pan and cole slaw is a must on a pulled pork sandwich. So what is cabbage? And why do we love it or hate it so much?

Cabbage is a leafy biennial plant that comes in green, purple or white. Biennial means the plant has a two year life process. In the case of cabbage you pick it for eating the first year and the second year it is used for seed. It is related to other veggies who are short on fans broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts. Most cabbage weights in somewhere between 1 to 9 pounds. The largest cabbage according to the Guinness Book of Records was reported in 2012 by Scott Robb of Alaska weighting in at 138.25 pounds. The longest cabbage roll was 50.4 feet of deliciousness.

It is believed that cabbage was most likely domesticated some where in Europe around 1000 BC. By the middle ages it was prominent cuisine all over Europe. In 2011 69 million metric tons of cabbage was grown and half of that amount was in China. FYI Ireland isn't even in the top ten of places that grow cabbage. Cabbage is also a great source of Vitamin K and C even when its smoothed in butter. So if you haven't had your fill grab some cabbage, and have it your way. Pickled, steamed, stewed, braised or eaten raw it is all good.


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