Now that the weather is warmer we will certainly be encountering more bugs. Spiders, mosquitoes, ants, fly's, ticks, stink bugs, the list seems to go on forever. Bugs can be very unsettling and a real cause of frustration. Nothing ruins a night sitting outside more then pesty mosquitoes. And let's face it some bugs are down right scary. All that said it is important we realize that all bugs aren't bad and don't need to be squished.

Next time you have the urge to yell "kill it" stop and think about whether the bug is really causing harm or just balancing nature. Some bugs are super cool. After all who hasn't caught Lightening Bugs in a jar. And Stick Bugs have to be the most interest thing I have ever seen in the bug family.

So find your favorite bug repellent for you weekend BBQ and give thanks that some bugs are out there doing good. If you are planning a hike this weekend be sure to where protective clothing and plenty of bug spray to prevent bites and ticks. There is a whole summer in front of us and we don't want to spend it bugged by bugs.

Creepy Bug video for all you bug enthusiast

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