Two things that don't pair well together are Easter Baskets and Ants. I am still a bit traumatized from a childhood incident where the contents of my Easter basket appeared to come to life due to the number of ants that took over the wicker vessel after I had filled it with my wealth of candy after a very well stock easter event.

Giant carpenter ants and who knows what else made a buffet out of every piece of candy I had stashed in that basket. There were actually so many in it that the plastic grass was actually moving. It was the 70s plastic grass in Easter baskets was still a thing.

How to have a Bug Free Easter Basket in New York

Strong easter bunny protecting eggs.

So how do you keep your Easter Basket pest-free? Easy you just need to follow a few simple instructions and I can almost guarantee that not one creepy-crawly thing will invade your pile of peeps. By the way, I think peeps are the neon sign for all bugs when it comes to Easter baskets. Probably best to avoid them altogether.

5 Simple Things to Keep Your Hudson Valley Easter Basket Bug-Free

1 - When you are hunting for eggs and candy never set your basket down if you are at an outdoor event be sure to hold it at all times. One single minute in the grass is just an invitation for bugs to hop on for the sugary ride.

2 - Before you use your basket be sure that it was cleaned from last year and that where you kept it in the attic or basement was bug-free. Easter baskets make a nice nest for critters during the colder months.

Ants crawling inside of home on the floor

3 - Never put unwrapped candy in the basket. Even if you have eaten all the goodies the sugar can leave residue behind that become the perfect bug snack. The days of unwrapped jelly beans scattered all over the bottom of the basket for fun are over.

4 - When you place your Easter basket aside in the house be sure you don't leave it near a door or window. Window sills are notorious for having bugs even bees and know one wants a bee in their basket.


5 - My final and easiest solution to keep your Easter basket bug free is to store it in the refrigerator. This works to keep the bug out of the candy and keeps your eggs hopefully editable.

These tips will also work for your Halloween Candy in October


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The Grown Up Easter Basket

Imagine all the fun of an Easter egg hunt just like when you were a kid but instead of tracking down candy and hard boiled eggs you hunt for stuff you want as a grown up. Here are some of my ideas for a grown up Easter egg hunt.

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