As we ready ourselves for summer we have to start thinking about how we will deal with bugs. Nothing ruins a great night in the back yard more than pesky misquotes and other creep crawly bugs. Bugs serve many good purposes but biting and hanging around during outdoor activities is not on of them. The Farmer's Almanac recently posted on Facebook great plant to have in your yard to help you keep bugs at bay.

Citronella candles and other types of bug repellent ideas could also work but be a bit intrusive. After all a romantic night under the stars was never capped off with the sound of the bug zapper, unless maybe in a "You might be a redneck if... " kind of way. I am going to suggest to keep your yard and patio parties as bug free as possible you take a page from the Farmer's Almanac. These folks know what they are doing and you will end up with some great herbs for cooking and cocktails.

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