I realize that now with the invention of the Keurig, the idea of having a lot of coffee grounds kicking around is a bit of a foreign idea but some of us still make coffee the old-fashioned way, in a Mr. Coffee. Keurig cups can be broken open to get at the grounds and after you read this you may start harvesting the brown gold.

I have heard for years that coffee grounds are good for your garden. All last summer while my sister was with me she made coffee in a French press and insisted that the ground be put in the front garden. Some people even use them in compose.


Uses for Old Coffee Grounds You Might Not Know About

It turns out coffee grounds have other practical uses too. Ok, I may be playing fast and loose with the term practical with the first use I'll mention but I think it is worth mentioning anyway and can be useful if you believe in that kind of thing. Did you know used coffee grounds can tell you the future?

The Psychic Abilities in Coffee Grounds

A few years back I learned the art of reading tea leaves. I shared the news with an Aunt of mine who informed me that she wasn't surprised because one of my great-grandmothers actually read coffee grounds.

It is a pretty simple concept. The person who is seeking the reading drinks the coffee with the grounds in it and when the cup is finished there will be interuptable shapes left for the reader to share with the coffee drinker.

Coffee Grounds and Bugs Don't Mix


The thing that coffee grounds can do that surprised me was that they can be a mosquito repellent. They need to be dry and put into a fireproof container but according to Joe's Garage Coffee who has listed 20 uses for coffee grounds, the ground will repell bugs.

Death Wish Coffee walks through the steps of how to burn coffee grounds to repel bugs. Apparently, bugs hate the smell of the burning grounds. People don't mind the smell compared to the chemical smell of regular bug repellant so it is a double win.

And if you are in need of a lot of coffee grounds all at once maybe make friends with a local coffee shop who is throwing away pounds of them every day. The folks at the Muddle Puddle at Water Street in New Paltz are great maybe they will be happy for you to take some of their used ground for your yard or campfire.

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