When spring arrived it brought warmer temperature, beautiful trees and flowers blooming and bugs. Yes the annual Hudson Valley parade of bugs has begun. Flies, mosquitos, bees and others are all out in full force. And let's not forget our friends the ticks. They have have been waiting for us all winter.

We have been waiting all winter to get back outside so dealing with bugs is a bit of a bummer. I seem to remember when I was a kid we had at least a few weeks bug free between Winter and Spring. Sadly, I fear that may just be a childhood dream, that or the bugs have decided over the last 40 years that they don't mind the cold.

Brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys) insect animal

Hudson Valley Pest Master put together a nice list of bugs we can find from Kingston to Poughkeepsie and Middletown to Danbury. They even included the Stink Bug which wasn't around here when I was a kid. Stink Bugs may be stinky and annoying but at least they don't bite and sting. Wasps on the other hand will track you down if they are in the right mood.

Honey bees are important and must be protected but their nasty cousins the Wasp, the Ground Hornet and the Yellow Jacket can all find a new yard as far as I am concerned.


Wasps and other stinging members of the bee family can find their way into so many things around the yard. They like places where water gathers even if it is just condensation. They will make a nest in your outdoor furniture seemingly overnight. They also like to hide in things like mail boxes and other containers you might leave outside for the summer. It is a good idea to look everywhere before you sit down or pick something up.

So beware of the stinging bugs and ticks of course and remember we need the bugs they are part of life's circle. They feed those noisy tree frogs and all the bats. Be sure to get some Cutter or some Off and let's get out and enjoy Spring in the Hudson Valley we waited a long time let's not let some pesky little bugs keep us from our fun.

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