Now that the Super Bowl is behind us we can start thinking all things Valentine's Day. In other words chocolate everything is top of mind.

Valentine's Day, along with Halloween, Easter and Christmas is one of the top selling holidays for candy. Whether you are buying the traditional heart shaped box of chocolates or heading to a Hudson Valley candy shop for something locally made chances are your candy gift will put a smile on your Valentine's face. Some sort of confection is implied when we celebrate cupid and all things love on February 14th.

So my question is have you ever thought about making your own candied treat to give your sweetheart? Turns out you can dip just about anything in chocolate and in turn call it candy. Why not try your hand at making a sweet treat for your sweet on your own. You could actually take your Valentine's favorite food item and turn it into a candied treat. I was amazed by the amount of things you can dip in chocolate. I included a list from Chocoley below that you can use for inspiration.

Now, before you start thinking about chocolate covered bugs as a joke let me just say no one ever wants to eat that or even think there is such a thing. But is apparently according to this 2007 video from National Geographic, it should eventually catch on. Spoiler alert, it hasn't yet.

So moving on, let's stick with foods like cake, nuts, fruits and even vegetables. Find out what your Valentine's favorite food is in one of these categories and simply cover it in chocolate. If you aren't sure how to get started I have included a video from the Food Network on how to melt chocolate.

If all of this is too much and you just don't have the time to play candy chef this week may I suggest then that you simply check in at your local bakery or candy shop. I am sure they will be happy to help you put together a box of chocolate covered items like this one I found from One N Only Cakes in Kingston.


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