They are to familiar words that are usually uttered in sheer panic "Kill it!" But the real question is should you. Let's face it bugs startle us. They are either in an unsuspecting spot when we turn on the light. Or worse they have crawled on us and made their presence known by crawling across some piece of our body. I love the commonly used phrase "you have a bug on you". What does a person think we are going to do when they make that statement other than shreek "get it off"!

So what do you do with the occasional random bug? There is an old wives tale that says if you kill a spider it will rain. Unless you hope for rain I might not take the chance. So who are you in the family. Are you the "go to bug" remover? Or are you the one standing on furniture pointing and screaming kill it?

I have found that I can be either depending on the bug. Once I was seen chasing a giant hairy spider down a hall with a can of Raid. If he had been squished under a shoe you would have needed a mop to clean it up. And as for picking him up and putting him outside he would have need a leash. So, Yes I am stretching the truth just a bit but he was huge.

I say if at all possible put the little critter back out in the woods. However, if it returns you might want to consider a more permanent solution or charging it rent. Also before you go killing the poor little bug you may want to click the button below to find out if it made the list of bugs most likely to kill you. Then check out how Trillions of bugs die every year according to a study done in 2011.

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