Have you watched every episode of any television shows?

In today's world, we have so much access to just about every TV show ever made. Is there any shows that you have seen every single episode?

After thinking about it I have seen every single episode of a ton of shows like the King of Queens, The Sopranos, Roseanne, Breaking Bad, Brady Bunch, CHIPS, Shameless and--as far as I'm concerned, the best show of all time--Seinfeld.

Jess said that she's seen every episode of The Office, Castle, One Tree Hill, Friday Night Lights, The OC, and she just kept going on and on and on. Yup, she loves her TV like most of us do.

It's funny to me that if you compare our lists we don't have one show in common. Honestly, I have never seen one episode of most of Jess' shows.

What shows have you seen every episode of? If you can leave us a comment on Facebook and if you're feeling adventurous you can leave us a GIF in the comment section.

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