Do you have a favorite place in your house? We call it the "sweet spot".

If your lucky enough to love the house, trailer, apartment or condo that you live in the odds say that you most likely have a favorite place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage.

If you aren't at home right now, think about your house, where is that one spot in the house that gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling?

In my apartment now I would have to say that my "sweet spot" is the reclining part of my big couch. It is set up in the perfect spot, front and center and just far enough away from the TV. Funny thing is I have two couches in my house and I don't think I have ever sat on the other one. LOL!

Jess said the same thing about the couches in her house. Her sweet spot is on her love seat, that she says fits her body like a glove because if you don't know, Jess likes to be swaddled. LOL.

I also would call my back deck my sweet spot. I live in the woods in Poughquag and there really isn't anything better than grabbing a cup of coffee and going and sitting outside on the deck. You could hear a pin drop out there. SOOOOOO peaceful.

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